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Hi, I’m Amanda, owner and creator of In Loving Memorial.

In Loving Memorial was created after the death of our beloved Labrador Ellie.

dog passing
Our beloved Labrador Ellie who sadly passed away

Ellie was our fur-baby before our children were born and our children grew up with her. We were all devastated when she passed away, we had truly lost a piece of our heart.

As we live on an acreage, we decided to bury Ellie on our property. We dug a huge hole and cried through the entire process, kissing her goodbye and giving her one last pat as we lowered her in.

We buried her on her bed, with her lead, blankets, bowl and biscuits. My daughter drew a picture of her and Ellie and we placed it in with her. We wanted her body to rest in comfort as her spirit joined the afterlife. Not a day goes by when we don’t think about Ellie and our love for her lives on.

pet memorials online
The engraved memorial stone we received for Ellie

Shortly after Ellie’s death, I received a beautiful stone memorial in the mail from a friend. It was engraved with Ellie’s name and sits proudly on our mantle to honor her memory. It was truly a special gift and something we will keep displayed forever, in memory of our precious family dog.

I had never seen such a gift before and immediately wondered where I could find something like this to gift to someone in the future, if the need arose.

Not only did I find charming memorial stones, I found so many beautiful items I had to put them together in one place to help others, along with books and resources to help with the grief of pet loss, support groups and more. That’s how in loving memorial was born.

I hope that you will find the information and pet loss and pet memorial products I have chosen for you helpful. Whether you are grieving the loss of your beloved pet, or supporting someone who has lost a pet, know that you are not alone.

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