Pet Caskets

For many us, a pet is another member of your family, your companion for life. Losing a pet is devastating, no matter how prepared you think you can be. Paying tribute to your pet with a memorial helps to honor the life of your beloved companion.

We’ve taken the time to explore the range of pet caskets available on the market today, to help you make an informed choice during this difficult time.

With pet caskets to suit all budgets we’re sure you’ll find a beautiful piece to compliment your pet as you celebrate the memory of your faithful companion.

Luxury Caskets

Available in 4 sizes for pets up to 90 pounds, the handmade caskets from Paws Rest are the premium choice for luxury pet caskets for pet burial.

No detail has been spared in the creation of these beautiful caskets, with each casket hand carved and hand sewn. A matching velvet pillow is contained for your beloved pet to rest its head. Also available in 2 colorways, dark cherry (pictured below) or oak.

Paws Rest Premium Pet Caskets

Paws Rest Premium Pet Caskets
SizeInside DimensionsOuter DimensionsPet WeightColor OptionsImageMore Info
X-Small18” x 8” x 5.5”21” x 11” x 9.5”Up to 8lbsOak or Cherry Woodpet burialLearn More
Small24" x 12" x 10"27" x 15.5" x 11"Up to 25lbsOak or Cherry Woodcat casketLearn More
Medium32" x 16" x 12"35" x 20" x 13"Up to 50lbsOak or Cherry Woodpet burial boxLearn More
Large40" x 18" x 15"43" x 22" x 16"Up to 90lbsOak or Cherry Wooddog casketLearn More

Middle of the Range Caskets

These pet caskets vary from handcrafted wood construction, to sturdy plastic construction for safe burial of your pet.

The pet caskets we’ve included in this category are of simpler design than the luxury pet caskets. Some caskets include linings and pillows, some unlined to allow room to wrap your pet in its favorite blanket.

We’ve compared the mid price range caskets separately between timber and plastic to keep the choice as simple and easy as possible when arranging your pet burial.

Mid Range Wood Caskets

These mid range wood caskets are available in 3 standard sizes - small, medium and large. 
Custom made pet caskets can be made by contacting the seller directly.
Crafted from sturdy oak, these caskets are unlined to allow you to wrap your pet in its favorite blanket for burial.
The downside with these pet caskets is the lid does not secure. It simply sits on top of the box.
SizeInside DimensionsOuter DimensionsPet WeightColor OptionsImageMore Info
Small18.5" x 10.5" x 6"20" x 12" x 7"n/aOakcat casketLearn More
Medium22.5" x 12.5" x 7"24" x 14" x 8n/aOakcat casketLearn More
Large28.5" x 14.5" x 9"30" x 16" x 10"n/aOakcat casketLearn More

Wood Caskets with Fabric Covering & Lining

Although you can't see it, these pet caskets are constructed from biodegradable wood. Covered entirely in fabric, in 3 standard choices of white, pink and blue (white interior on all standard colours) and a leafy tree print fabric in camouflage green or pink. The lid of the pet casket secures with a metal latch, with hinges on the other side. The lid can also be removed entirely for viewing of your beloved pet. 

These pet caskets are suitable for both pet burial and pet cremation.
SizeInside DimensionsColor OptionsImageMore Info
Small14"L x 10"W x 7"HWhite, Blue, Pink, Green Camo, Pink Camopet caskets and urnsLearn More
Medium25"L x 12"W x 7"HAs Abovepink pet urnLearn More
Large34"L x 15"W x 9"HAs Abovedog cremation urnsLearn More
X-Large43"L x 19"W x 10"HAs Abovepet cremation boxLearn More

Plastic Caskets

Don’t let the term plastic discourage you, these beautiful caskets by Pet Memory Shop are crafted from strong, durable, non-biodegradable plastic that will not crack, bend or break during or after burial.

Each pet casket contains a mattress and pillow for your pet, with a coverlet and lining. The outside of the casket is plain.

When sealed, these pet caskets are air tight and water tight and included with the casket is double sided adhesive. For extra sealing protection, we recommending caulking around the casket also.

The sweet and affordable pet caskets are available in 3 sizes – Small, Medium and Large and 3 colors: White/Pink, White/Blue and Black/Silver.

SizeInside DimensionsOuter DimensionsColor OptionsImageMore Info
Small18" x 10" x 8"21” x 23” x 8.5”White/Blue, White/Pink, Black/Silverpet memorialMore Info
Medium24" x 12" x 8"27” x 15” x 9”White/Blue, White/Pink, Black/Silverpet cemetery near meMore Info
Large32" x 16" x 11"36” x 21” x 12”White/Pink, White/Blue, White/Silverdog coffinMore Info

Why Choose a Non Biodegradable Pet Casket?

If your pet has been euthanized, chemicals from the anesthesia may transfer into the surrounding environment, causing contamination.

Scavenger animals can also smell other animals buried and could potentially dig and exhume your beloved pets body. A non biodegradable casket protects against this, and protects the integrity of your buried pet.

On the flip side however, this casket will not break down in the environment. If you’re concerned about environment impact, this non biodegradable pet casket may not be the choice for you.

How do you choose a casket size?

For the best fit for your pet, please consider the overall dimensions of the casket as well as the weight of your pet.

Casket Length: Measure the distance from the tip of your pets nose to the base of its tail.

Casket Width: Measure the distance from your pets knees to the top of its back.

Casket Height: Measure the distance from outside of your pets shoulder to the outside of the opposite shoulder, if this is the widest part of your pet. If not, measure the widest part of your pet when it is laying on its side. This is how your pet would normally be placed in the casket.

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